Phonar Veritas P3 Floor standing speakers

In Veritas serias the specialists of Phonar tried to be maximally close to live sound, not saving on components and structural elements. The Danish custom-made drivers, are used in floor P3; the bodies are carefully finished with natural veneer and differ by big weight. The acoustic design of these 2,5-way speaker systems is bass-reflex with a pair of small ports. Two woofers with 130-mm diffusers made of impregnated paper have a soft rubber suspension. A fabric dome of the tweeter is a bit bigger than in the most of competitors - 29 mm. Adjustment in HF within -1/0/+1 dB is provided with a help of the jumper on the back wall.

Listening to Phonar Veritas P3 gave many surprises. Firstly, unexpectedly powerful and full sound with high accuracy of playing shakes. These speaker systems are characterized by free dynamics with full and articulated basses, wonderful middle and precise and accurate top. However, in standard position of the attenuator the tweeter behaves a little bit more intensive than necessary, but turning to -1 dB tonal balance is the most correct. Bodies' resonances are completely absent even at high volumes of playing. You can face only slight compression at extreme volume that doesn't affect the sound radically.

The stage is built in accordance with classical canons. The images are stable and accurately positioned in the created three-dimensional space.

Phonar Veritas P3 Floor standing speakers photo