MartinLogan Motion 10 Floor standing speakers

Motion 10 are two-way speaker systems with the bass-reflex in the lower part of the body. A ribbon emitter, made by Folden Motion technology (the company's patented development), is used as HF-section. Woofers here (two) are equipped with 133-mm diffusers made of pressed cellulose, reinforced by synthetic fiber. Fast dustproof caps are glued in the center, which equalize a phase response. The crossover consists of selected elements - custom-designed capacitors and coils with airy core. The terminals for connection of acoustic cable are very unusual. They are spring but at the same time very comfortable and take conductors of quite large cross-section.

Motion 10 differ by extremely interesting sound. Despite of modest volume, they show brisk dynamics and confident playing of bass attack. Low frequencies are maximally informative in their main part, but subwoofer is still necessary. The middle is tonally balanced and rich with nuances, and high frequencies are just beyond criticism. The tweeter works if not perfectly but very close to it. Sound stage is very impressive and detailed, despite of its relative compactness.

MartinLogan Motion 10 Floor standing speakers photo