MartinLogan Motion 20 Floor standing speakers

The model Motion 20 refers to a relatively budget Motion series, designed for a wide audience. The systems are assembled in classic by form bodies, the most part of which has a perfect grand piano finish. As for acoustic design the developers preferred a bass-reflex, the large port of which is placed in the very bottom of the back wall. There are two midbass heads and one of them is located quite close to floor that increases the return at the lowest frequencies. The diameter of each driver is 140 mm and their diffusers are made of aluminum alloy, which combines a small weight and high stiffness. The branded ribbon Folded Notion tweeter with quite big by sizes membrane (133 x 44 mm), which works in the band from 2,6 to 25 kHz, plays the upper working band.

Having such modest sizes, Motion 20 can boast quite decent dynamics and high intelligibility of sound at any volume level. Due to the use of ribbon tweeter in MF/HF-band we can hear excellent detailing and micro-dynamics; sound resolution is just brilliant. At the same time, the picture does not fall into separate fragments and is built in front of the listener like tight continued canvas. Bass register is confidently presented, in which we can note sufficient depth of basses and exemplary rate of fire. However, side-tones of the port can slightly admix to sound sometimes.

The stage is quite compact, but incredibly accurate in terms of localization. At proper placement of the system relatively to the listening there will be no problems with three-dimensionality of space.

MartinLogan Motion 20 Floor standing speakers photo