MartinLogan Motion 15 Floor standing speakers

Carefully assembled MartinLogan Motion 15 immediately attracts attention by unusual set of emitters. An expensive ribbon tweeter with increased sound resolution is used in HF-section. In comparison with dome heads such solution provides noticeably better impact showings (due to minimal mass of movable system) and expanded working band. In the bottom part there is a 133-mm low-frequency driver of own design with the diffuser made of aluminum alloy and phase-equalizing cap. More detailed analysis of driver found the presence of cast basket and a special asymmetric reverse camera, effectively damping rear vibrations.

By ear the sound of the pair is extremely neutral and clear, without obvious coloring. Motion 15 speaker systems have very high sound resolution throughout the reproducible band, but the highest detailing is observed in mid-high case. In comparison with the highest work class of the tweeter the transparency of lower middle is not so high. At high volume level side-tones from air port are possible, which slightly attenuate instrumental attack. Low-frequency possibilities are significantly limited and concentrated mainly in the area of upper bass, without noticeable trip into depth. Combination of the model with fast active sub will be ideal. The stage is moderately scaled and keeps natural proportions. Concise positions of instruments in the middle and volume of space deserve special attention.

MartinLogan Motion 15 Floor standing speakers photo