Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Stentaure

Stentaure is a popular series of Power, the models of which are characterized by high sensitivity. This is achieved horn design RF link and allows speakers to work with small power amplifiers. Two-way design is built on the dynamic head of its own design and manufacture. Low-frequency portion is assigned to a pair of identical woofers with 170-millimeter cones molded pulp and manages upper range compression tweeter inch metal dome. To combat with the standing waves inside the enclosure side walls have a rounded shape, and a massive base not only adds stability acoustics, but also serves as an effective decoupling from the floor.

As expected, the sound Davis Acoustics Stentaure is extremely dynamic and relaxed, especially in the midrange register. Hull overtones virtually no acoustic sound can create considerable pressure without extraneous overtones.

Basses with different moderate depth, but quite tangible and distinctively decorated.

In the voice spectrum captured the characteristic "horn" coloring. You can also note a few bleached natural voices and instruments underline the noise components - a sign of a certain flatness at the top. But to a sound resolution as a whole have no complaints - even the smallest nuances audible soundtrack. Space formed by very large scale, sometimes grandiose.

Davis Acoustics Stentaure Floor standing speakers photo