Akai CD-57 CD-player

The Akai CD 57 player looks quite solid, has convenient and intuitive controls. It is equipped with both optical and coaxial digital outputs. The mechanics work almost silently. The indicator is characterized by the clarity of displaying the necessary information. The Akai CD 57 delivers lively, clear sound with pleasant tonal coloring. The reproduction of low frequencies is bright, undistorted, with a good drawing of details. At medium frequencies, the sound is neutral, without extraneous coloring. In the entire spectrum of reproducible frequencies, individual details of the program material are clearly distinguishable. Very well, with accurately drawn dynamic sound, recordings of musical works in the style of "rock" are reproduced. When listening to recordings of serious music, despite the good balance of sound, when playing individual musical fragments, there is a loss of transparency and naturalness of the sound of individual instruments.

Overall, in terms of sound quality, the Akai CD 57 performed very well.

Akai CD-57 CD-player photo