Visonik Evolution 6 Floor standing speakers

Visonik Evolution 6 returns you at the time, when loudspeakers were made by people, not robots, and it was made, in the popular phrase, from natural materials. Even surprisingly, how a small German Visonik (do not confuse with American Visonic Audiophonic, which produces the components for car audio) managed to stay afloat, selling the true "hand made" for such money. Here are four variants of natural veneer finish, Visotec tweeters and mid-woofers with traditional paper diffusers, but on a long suspension and with a stationary central bullet. And both bands are optimized for the response time - Visonik Evolution 6 are very attractive!

As we expected from small by internal volume speaker systems, low basses in Evolution 6 are less expressed than in competitors. At intense basses you can even notice a slight modulation of midrange. But generally, the lower case is very expressive - basses sound smoothly and integrally. The same definitions can be referred to the midrange. But at the point of band separation the frequency response is subjectively raised - sound is tinted. Violins, brass are emphasized. The upper case is clear, sounds do not "stick" to loudspeakers, the images take the correct position in the scene.

Visonik Evolution 6 Floor standing speakers photo