Visonik Evolution 7 Floor standing speakers

Luxuriously finished with natural veneer, heavy, three-way loudspeaker distinguishes among the competitors by a certain constructive peculiarity: the woofer is installed on the lower panel of the speaker, two bass-reflexes ports are there too. The acoustic design of the woofer takes almost the entire volume of the body up to a horizontal partition, which forms a personal compartment for the midrange driver and is fixed at the very top above the tweeter. Midrange driver is equipped with a phase correcting cap; diffuser is of cellulose. HF driver is the branded dome Visotec tweeter. Visonik Evolution 7 filters are designed using Time Optimizing System technology.

The German pair plays brightly, with pressure. Bass is very good - focused and deep, pure and with an open dynamics. Tonal balance is shifted towards high frequencies and this, in particular, causes the feeling of increased brightness of the image. Relatively modest dynamics of mid frequencies significantly simplifies complex sound pictures and does not allow the musical diversity to open out. The concept of the system's sound image is especially close to energetic rhythmic music; undoubtedly, Visonik Evolution 7 will be perfect in the role of theatre front, but to create audio surround it's better to choose speaker systems from Evolution series.

Visonik Evolution 7 Floor standing speakers photo