Swans Diva D3.2 Floor standing speakers

Something familiar peeps in the image of this luxurious two-way loudspeaker. The Chinese company orders the membranes with suspensions for LF/MF drivers in Germany from a company, which makes the same ones for the Danish Dynaudio. All the rest Diva makes itself. The construction of D3.2 is extraordinary even for Hi-Fi speaker system with the cost of 1000$. Each woofer with 80-mm sound coil is fixed in twelve places to 20-mm faceplate. Not less attention is paid to big dome tweeter. Very heavy body is reinforced with horizontal stiffening ribs. Powerful side laps also contribute to the acoustic inertness. The filter's parts, serving different heads, are assembled on separate, spaced apart each other printed boards - to eliminate the mutual crosstalk in inductors.

At the very beginning of the listening, due to typical sonorous unity of sound image, you immediately feel the perfect tonal balance of sound. Bass is deep, monolith and at the same time pure. A bit excessive splendor doesn't spoil it - on the contrary, adds "south smell". Tops are accurate and airy. Swans D3.2 are skillful at the work with micro details that arises in well-turned completeness of musical phrases. A slight limitation of powerful dynamical splashes is not very noticeable. Space is alive, deep, well elaborated. Power reserve is good. At the same time, you feel the dependence of resolution ability from the degree of saturation of sound canvas. Decrease of transparency is observed at increased volume at complex choral works.

Swans D3.2 provides extraordinary high in most aspects quality of sound. The pair easily copes with severe classics, perfectly plays any jazz and is very good at dynamical modern recordings.

Swans Diva D3.2 Floor standing speakers photo