Swans Diva 6.2F Floor standing speakers

It is no longer surprising that the manufacturers from China can create very qualitative products, being second to none of famous European and American brands. Hi-Vi Research, which was presented at the Asian, European and North-American markets more than ten years ago and has more than three hundred dealers only in Asia and over seven hundred in the world, also belongs to such companies. Admit that the numbers are impressive. The seriousness of approach to design is also confirmed by the fact that the main developments of the company are held in USA under the guidance of the famous engineer - Frank Hale.

Swans Diva 6.2F looks very respectably not only due to its sizes, but primarily to a well-dignified style, being typical rather for the latest wave of European speaker systems. Gracefully rounded body with a 28-mm tweeter on the top panel is no longer surprising (there are lots of examples of such solution), however, in this case this is not an attempt to imitate European manufacturers, but an urgent necessity.

The massive body with a bass-reflex contains a pair of 8-inch woofers with cellulose diffusers and midrange driver with the diameter of 125 mm, made of impregnated paper too. Fourth order high-quality filters, providing a three-way configuration of the system, are used in Swans Diva 6.2F. Spring terminals are sunk into the lower plane of the platform, wherefore it is not handy to connect an acoustic cable.

The sound of loudspeakers corresponds to their appearance - powerful and crushing. A concert character to perform music material, which greatly harmonizes with excellent resolution almost around the whole working range, impresses. I mentioned "almost" for a reason - the matter is that against the background of perfect junction of the mid and top ranges, bass is perceived to as if separated from overall music picture. Sometimes there is such a feeling that it is not a massive floor loudspeaker, but 2.1 system, allocated in space.

However, this effect arises not very often - mainly, in the recordings with powerful low-frequency base. The top is legible, but not always airy, sometimes hiding the details of high-frequency band. In addition, it too dominates at some recordings and distracts the attention while listening. Special claims are absent to midrange section. It successfully combines perfect dynamical potential and naturalness of timbres. Sound stage has quite clear boundaries and decent depth.

Swans Diva 6.2F Floor standing speakers photo