The Rega DAC has been in production for quite a long time. The digital path is implemented on two Wolfson WM8742 chips and has much in common with the circuitry of the top-of-the-line Rega Isis CD player. In particular, the signal is fed into a buffer just before processing, which should noticeably reduce harmful jitter. For maximum truthfulness of playback, the developers of the converter refused any methods of upsampling. According to them, this is the most correct approach in terms of sound quality. The only thing available to the user is a choice of five different algorithms of digital filtering, changing the slope of the frequency response. In addition to the USB port (up to 16/48), a pair of optical and coaxial inputs are available, allowing you to combine several sources of musical content in your system. These interfaces accept streams up to 24/192, so they are clearly preferable.

The converter is characterized by a bright expressive sound, with great attention to the upper band. In principle, this is characteristic of all Rega equipment, especially since this spectrum is presented remarkably clean and even refined. The low-frequency base is expressed in a fairly massive and moving bass, surprisingly structurally accurate. However, the attack is somewhat subdued, so there is no powerful punch. However, it is difficult to notice this nuance on most music genres. The middle section is excellent, both in terms of harmony and intelligibility. Even large-scale symphonic canvases are not baffled by the converter. The digital filter presets noticeably change the character of the musical presentation. The initial, first position gives a crystal top, clear middle and powerful, but slightly clumsy bass. The second option noticeably widens the sound space and gives a more frisky attack. The third position gives a more balanced sound with better dynamics and a slight loss of sterility. The fourth position is the most optimal in terms of expression, and the fifth allows you to better focus the sources in the soundstage. All in all, for taste and color...

Rega DAC DAC photo
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