Floor standing speakers Cerwin-Vega! RL-16T

Unusual products for American companies view is RL-16T, in any case, the design of the overseas model is not different from the European. Apparently, the internal volume of the highest in the test columns are well plugged. Double bass-reflex port is organized at the bottom of the rear panel - to improve the efficiency of its radiation. Are magnetically shielded speakers. High-frequency head protected from the destructive overloads. Speakers are mounted on plastic feet.

Definitely sound and image system has some differences from the usual graphic manner acoustic Cerwin-Vega! RL-16T provides excellent tonally balanced, solid, sound correctly organizing space. Any musical material system demonstrates remarkable (quite firm) dynamic capabilities. Confidently practiced scale symphonic brass copper spikes, easily - fractional bass rumble on "stunning" episodes of heavy rock. Already how breathtaking brilliance and power of orchestral fanfare trumpets and trombones, shows "maturity floor" speakers. Very few test participants can compete with it on equal terms in the aggregate these qualities. Bass RL-16T assembled and clean. He does not seek to set the tone, keeps intelligently - performing their tasks, no one interferes. Decisive advantage RL-16T, in our opinion, is still adjusted tonal balance, largely through which steam acts on any music confidently and smoothly. With increased saturation of the musical "solution" can feel a slight deficit resolution (fine details like mixed), but - quite uncritically. Orthodox audiophile appreciate strict neutrality acoustics at high frequencies. At high volume the sound becomes harder (more aggressive), reduced transparency medium.

The combination of high dynamic potential tonal balance provides adequate transfer any music. Cerwin-Vega! RL-16T is good for small and medium-sized rooms. Can be used with relatively low-power amplifiers.

Cerwin-Vega! RL-16T Floor standing speakers photo