Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Havalon HD

These slender French columns refer to the budget segment and are included in the Davis line Lifestyle HD. They have narrowed the case, which for added stability based on graceful platform. The company uses its own head (Davis - one of the largest speaker manufacturers in Europe) - a pair of 13-centimeter Kevlar woofers and dome tweeter impregnated fabric. Specifically for this series its design was improved, resulting in an effective band was able to expand to 23 kHz. Among the undoubted advantages couples can also note the high sensitivity (91 dB nameplate), which allows the use Havalon HD with amplifiers or receivers relatively small capacity.

The sound of the speakers Davis Acoustics Havalon HD is extremely open and spectacular, with an emphasis on the upper register. This feature determines the kind of overall sound commendable high resolution, somewhat reduced only at the bottom of the working range. Midrange systems show maximum transparency in combination with the correct natural timbre of instruments. However, the available nonlinearity near the crossover frequency still sometimes reduces the naturalness of individual vocal parts.

When accurate acoustic alignment relative to the listener soundstage really acquires a third dimension. Even though not always true stood out space, imaginary images of virtually bound to columns.

Davis Acoustics Havalon HD Floor standing speakers photo