Denon DCD-500AE CD-player

DCD-500AE player is no different at all than the 700th model: the same solid and beautiful aluminum front panel, an elegant design, located in the center of the mechanism developed in Denon. The selected electronic components are used in the tract. Playback functions are only the most necessary. Headphone jack is provided. Ten years ago a device with such an obvious audiophile orientation and with such passport data would cost three times more, maybe more.

The difference from higher Denon models is that DCD-500AE does not have a proprietary "alpha processor" (which performs digital filtering using a special patented algorithm and makes the sound more similar to "analog"). There is also no support for mp3 and SA-CD. Well, the first is okay. But why it can't play SA-CD is a mystery to me. The fact is that DACs in the DCD-500AE are capable of working with a DSD stream. They are also installed in DCD-700AE CD/SA-CD player and the very expensive universal DVD-3930 player.

The most affordable Denon device in our test system has opened itself in all its glory. The upper range is accurate, correct, without false softness. The mid-range is transmitted informatively, richly, without coloring. The bass is intense, has a very impressive sub-low-frequency basis, a little less informative in the work area, but energetic. I really liked the dynamics and clarity of playback - it is better not to compare some players, set up as High End, with DCD-500AE. Denon sounds smooth, unrolled in cold or warm notes, but I will not name it absolutely neutral.

I will refer the high level of sound resolution in the middle and high bands to the strong qualities of Denon DCD-500AE. Also, I will add excellent scene separation.

DCD-500AE fulfills its price in full and even sets signs on competitors to top-class players.

Denon DCD-500AE CD-player photo