Floor standing speakers Heco Cerion Tower

Slim floor front Heco Cerion Tower proportions and "silver" design definitely claiming conformance category Lifestyle. Weighing up the speakers on hand, you realize that the developers have paid attention not only to the appearance of the advantages... The case is completely - aluminum stand, which is attached to it with screws - steel. All components are made and fit very well. Hull shape (tapering to the rear) contributes to a considerable contribution to the fight with the resonances of the internal volume. Under the grill - college ruled out of four 50-mm woofer/midrange: a pair of top and bottom of the conical dome-tweeter polymer membrane coated with a layer of titanium. Profiled in a special way (to reduce turbulent noise) reflex port displayed on the front panel. To protect smaller drivers from the "very heavy" bass crossover scheme introduced nonpolar capacitor cutoff spectral components with frequencies less than 80 Hz. Collets switching unit - for the stripped cable with a cross section up to 2.5 "square".

Surprisingly, the feeling accentuated treble, the occurrence of which might well have been expected based on the analysis of the frequency response does not occur. In the foreground - a detailed, well-researched tonally, fully dynamic middle register. Vocal solo sounds like up artist - two meters! The spectrum of the upper overtones would be perceived as slightly "domesticated": soundscapes flute, violin, celesta, the triangle pleasant, but still want to add to them a little characteristic "visual" and slightly increase articulation. By bass Heco Cerion Tower suitable carefully, leaving scope for the subwoofer. However, the sound of "towers" turns solid "in itself" and very comfortable - nothing is tiring, not jarring. In connection with Cerion is quite legitimate to assume a well thought out and well-developers embodied the concept - a great source of theatrical front and pleasant music.

Heco Cerion Tower Floor standing speakers photo