CD-player Aiwa XC-300

When listening to the playback player Aiwa XC-300 was fairly balanced. Low frequency sound somewhat muffled treble was decent. In general, when playing a show moderate signs of narrowing of the sound image and a lack of sound localization and individual instruments. The player is equipped with a high output signal level. Sonically, I would mention this player to units corresponding very solid average level in this price category.

By equipping player Aiwa XC-300 is on quite a decent level. I recommend getting it to those listeners who want copied. Filter CDs on audiocassettes. Player is very short of synchronized switching to a tape deck the same firm. The player has an optical digital output, quality is slightly inferior quality coaxial output.

In appearance player Aiwa XC-300 CD relates to the standard level. Loading a disc and the process of reproduction are relatively quiet. This middle-class device, with solid equipment and optical digital output.

Aiwa XC-300 CD-player photo