Pure Acoustics DREAM 77F Floor standing speakers

Pure Acoustics DREAM 77F looks richly due to lacquer finish. These luxury speaker systems are equipped with four drivers, connected by three-way scheme. On the front panel there are the tweeter and two midranges. A silk dome of the tweeter is in the center of acoustic horn made of the milled aluminum that specifies the direction of sound. Midranges have the diameter of 133 mm and are equipped with the same "acoustic bullet", which was made of aluminum. It took some time to notice woofer in this speaker system. It is "hidden" behind a protective grill on the left side of the body and has the diameter of 203 mm. This woofer works for two big bass-reflex ports on the back panel. At the same place there are spring acoustic terminals. They are gilt, have the possibility of "banana" type connection and also support bi-wiring. Junction with floor is realized in the form of small legs.

Sound. Pure Acoustics DREAM 77F do not create big sound volume: tending to chamber style, they approach to speaker systems of monitor class by sound character. This impression arose mainly because of the fact that while the playing of different programs the systems obviously "hold on" dynamical increases: dynamical "ceiling" is well noticeable. At the approach to high volume level musical image noticeably loses tonal certainty, transparency. We should also note the deficit of micro dynamical details (connected with low transparency of sound), small depth of panorama, not always discrete pattern of its sources. Dry overall cover can be connected with a slight deficit of high-frequency information. Bass of DREAM 77F is of medium depth, well integrated into the overall sound field. These conclusions were made due to good knowledge of recordings (classical compositions, critical to the playing quality). While listening to unknown musical material, phonograms made by electronic instruments, disadvantages were much less apparent. The sound of Pure Acoustics DREAM 77F can be appealed to the lover of light popular music.

Pure Acoustics DREAM 77F Floor standing speakers photo