Accustic Arts Player ES CD-player

We have a classic layout player with an emphatically symmetrical front panel design. The reading mechanism of Accustic Arts Player ES is completely untied from the body and is distinguished by exemplary build quality. In particular, the tray is made of a special compound (it includes aluminum alloy and ABS plastic) and is fixed on powerful metal guides. The digital path of the player is built on time-tested chips from Cirrus Logic - CS8416 filter and the famous delta/sigma CS4398 converter. In addition to playing CDs, it can also work as an external DAC. In this regard, the rear panel has a coaxial digital input and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, which is powered by an advanced chip from Texas Instruments. The mode of interaction with the computer is based on the principle of Plug & Play and does not require the installation of specialized drivers. By this way you can listen to a wide range of formats, for example, such as WAV, FLAC and mp3.

Accustic Arts Player ES differs by massive in all respects sound with a very wide frequency and dynamic range. It absolutely does not exaggerate the details, accurately reproducing even the most delicate tonal crossfades. The sound resolution can be considered to be almost exemplary. At the same time, the hearing is not distracted by the minor details of the phonogram. Let us note separately a very powerful and simultaneously agile low-frequency register and a clear, precise upper range without a hard digital attack. Meanwhile, a little distance is from time to time noticeable in the sound. You can correct this by a careful selection of the interconnecting cable (better copper), which can bring more elation to the sound. The scene literally breathes - the space is incredibly voluminous and truly three-dimensional. The positions of individual instruments are easily read.

Accustic Arts Player ES CD-player photo