Denon AVR-1706 AV-receiver

Denon AVR-1706 receiver differs by advanced switch for connection of analog audio/video sources, has not the most budget digital processor, powerful supply system (a huge transformer is well seen through the vented holes) and a seven-channel amplifier with convincing passport characteristics. The presence of selector of speaker systems and the auto calibration systems can be referred to proses. Cones are only one output for recording (no digital outputs at all) and the lack of screen menu - all initial and additional settings have to be performed, looking up to the remote control of AVR-1706. Fortunately, due to well-conceived remote control, this procedure is not too difficult.

Amplification equipment of Denon is famous for accurate, dynamical and clearly focused sound. These features are well expressed in AVR-1706 too. Against the background of high class receivers it can seem to be a bit dry and emotionless, but will surely win from the competitors by purity and volume of sound. At the connecting the source through digital input Denon AVR-1706 gives analytically detailed sound, draws out the stage in the foreground very well and blurs for little only remote sources. In addition, preferring digital connection, you will also get a small gain in dynamics: low frequencies will become more energetic, drums - more biting. Such mode is good for the playing of modern house- or rock-music.

Switch to multi-channel analog input gives absolutely expected effect: the playing becomes less prickly, musical plasticity arises. More accurate detailing improves visibility of voices and acoustic instruments. Surely, you should not forget about the fact that sound quality in this mode largely depends on source.

Denon AVR-1706 AV-receiver photo