AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V557RDS

Design receiver Yamaha RX-V557RDS as otherwise can not be called great. Traditional panel of dark silver aluminum on which the products are easily distinguished Yamaha, goes well with the amber display. Set the front connectors - minimum. The amplifier circuit is composed of six channels, i.e. designed to connect the rear center speaker. Such an arrangement is fully consistent with the actual situation - on the audio "source code" is no more than six discrete full-range channels.

Seahorse company - lots of interesting DSP-modes. Stereo can be deployed on all the channels that is well suited for a party, but you can create rears by a concert hall or a rock club. The mode of "disco" - bass and lifted the top to add a drive. Multichannel sound is also not left unattended: yes modes for sports, concerts and games. You can set the machine even on film genre - there are settings for fiction, thriller and drama or restrict universal mode.

Remote - the simplest. Engineers clearly seeks to achieve with it full control of the entire home AV-system. And it may be, the better - do not get lost in the buttons. The automatic calibration is absent, and the installation would like to spend on the front panel (to work with rotary handles easier than with buttons), but it is not the best option.

This unit had the difficult task - to compete with the significantly more expensive devices. However, except for the absence of the seventh amplifier, he not only lost to rivals, but exceeded many of them. In the movie, the receiver showed himself just fine. Testing stage, dynamics, localization - all at the highest level. Transitions from screen to back the ringing silence and impressive. Wide dynamic range so that it seems as if listening to amplified speakers. Maximum power output has surpassed not only passport data, but also all the competitors in the test. In short, the receiver Yamaha RX-V557RDS impressed and unconditionally deserves sympathy prize. For my money - just a gift. Highly significant preferences in the material has not, but in our opinion it is better to cope with rock music than to opera.

Yamaha RX-V557RDS AV-receiver photo