Floor standing speakers Yamaha NS-6HX

Among the extensive range of products speakers index HX occupy top positions in the class home systems. This model differs from the more powerful NS-8HX only in the absence of the second woofer. Rectangular housing of 25 mm MDF trimmed Canadian maple veneer and polished quality. Highlights the combined shallow aluminum horn tweeter and midrange speaker, leveling beam pattern. 30mm aluminum dome tweeter is covered with a thick metal sound-scattering ring. WSD-midrange and woofers are made from long fibers of white spruce. By some measures, they are not inferior to the metal, but the weight and does not have analogues. Speaker baskets made of extruded aluminum. Midrange has a diameter of 130 mm woofer - 200 mm. Midrange and tweeter mounted in a separate compartment damped.

Sound. Impressive advantages sound this speaker pair Yamaha once again suggests that the giant electronics industry possesses the art of designing speakers with excellent sound. The system refers to components with a pronounced and very attractive sound character. Smooth tonal system, very slightly depending on where the listener is located, high speed of sound throughout the range, excellent dynamic resource and great energy - the cornerstones of musical temperament NS-6HX. Needle sharp articulation combined with very nice lighting, cool, crisp acoustic flavor. "Shelving" lower cut-off frequency (60 Hz) it is difficult to correlate with auditory sensations - boomed the deep column, elastic, juicy, clean. Absolutely versatile system.

Yamaha NS-6HX Floor standing speakers photo