Revel Concerta F12 Floor standing speakers

F12 refers to Concerta entry-level series. A rectangular body made of thick MDF plates is finished with film and carefully reinforced by struts inside. The front panel is made of prominent matte black plastic. Strict construction gives solidity. Matte grey diffusers made of organic-ceramic composite (OCC) are used in all speakers. A 25-mm tweeter with the dome made of OCC and neodymium magnet is installed in a small horn and before it there is the sound-scattering ring. A 133-mm midrange driver is under the tweeter. Lower there are two identical 200-mm LF drivers. The manufacturer states that the crossover is assembled from details with small variation of parameters and set on the frequencies of 575 Hz and 3 kHz. A big bass-reflex port is placed on the rear wall. From the bottom big rubber legs are attached directly to the body of the speaker system, which can be replaced with spikes if necessary.

Sound. Revel Concerta F12 is ahead of many competitors by speed and impulse qualities of bass. It is important to ascertain that bass gains its best form at high volume. In this case LF of Revel F12 shows just armor-piercing power (in available part of the range). In the transfer of LF emissions it has a dense core and is durable as the armour of a knight - there is no even slightest hint on looseness, understatement. Among the advantages of the pair we will call a balanced tonal system. Middle and top are correct, the sound is far and by harmonious, lively. Acquaintance turned out to be very interesting, sometimes exciting. We advise you to pay attention to this extraordinary system with original concept of sound.

Revel Concerta F12 Floor standing speakers photo