Revel reviews

Revel Concerta B12 Subwoofer review
Subwoofer Revel Concerta B12

Incredibly heavy (29 kg) with very compact sizes Revel Concerta B12 subwoofer creates the impression of a unitary block of concrete. Such mass-dimensional indicators are still worth to be found - you immediately feel extreme quality of damping the body. Loading is a "closed box". The base of the system...
Revel Concerta F12 Floor standing speakers review
Floor standing speakers Revel Concerta F12

F12 refers to Concerta entry-level series. A rectangular body made of thick MDF plates is finished with film and carefully reinforced by struts inside. The front panel is made of prominent matte black plastic. Strict construction gives solidity. Matte grey diffusers made of organic-ceramic composite...
Revel Concerta M12 Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Revel Concerta M12

As you know, the company "Revel" is a division of a powerful concern - Harman International, and first-class speaker systems for the most demanding music lovers have been produced under exactly this brand for a long time. And I must note that Americans succeed in it, receiving the recognition of many...