DVD-player Onkyo DV-SP501

On the metal front panel DVD-player Onkyo DV-SP501 derived controls all, without exception, functions until the initial installation - immaculate solution in terms of ergonomics and embodied in an excellent design. Screen menu system very clearly, moreover, provided with an explanation of each option (though in English). The only hitch - the option to output S-Video- signal to the first and second connectors ( physically at the device - only one plug mini-DIN). Another feature of the Onkyo DV-SP501, can become the stumbling block is the fact that, initially, the machine is set Wednesday JPEG. Incidentally, the ability to work with images - rich in turning angle multiple of 90 degrees, Zoom, preview images in a small window next to the file tree, a mosaic of all the files contained in the folder). Be careful: you need to read MP3/WMA-records forcibly disable PhotoViewer, and then we have a multilevel structure with a full menu of music files, and the name of the selected track will be displayed fully on the TV screen and scrolling text will appear on the player's display (the same opportunities provided for JPEG). You can select one of three preset image or manually adjust its settings without interrupting the screening of the film. Adjustment results stored in the memory device in two embodiments, for example, for PAL- and NTSC-discs. Built transcoder able to convert NTSC signal not only the standard, but in a modified PAL (however, for the Russian consumer is irrelevant). Small but quite heavy remote DVD-player Onkyo DV-SP501 has a classic layout. Due to the recesses on the bottom wall is securely in the hand, the black keys are clearly visible on the silver overlay, the division into work areas - a clear and logical. To advise the unit owner DVD-look collection, which many NTSC-records, as well as music lovers as "compressed", and CDs.

Onkyo DV-SP501 DVD-player photo