Blu-ray player Yamaha BD-S1067

Classic design, well made design. Besides Blu-ray and everything else (including 3D), the machine reads DVD-Audio discs and SACD. Ergonomics of the front panel (made of metal) is practically perfect: different size and shape of the keys transport management, the USB connector is located on the left where it is plugged into the USB flash drive will not disturb anyone. PURE DIRECT button turns off all the excess that is not required for audio playback, and thus provides the highest quality.

Back - all you need high-end unit in particular, 7.1 analog outputs and a separate stereo, power strip IEC, allowing the use of high quality cables, the second connector USB. Network - wired only, and if you want to use an external Wi-Fi- adapter with Ethernet- yield. Reproduced on the network (via DLNA) files WMV, mp3, WMA, WAV and JPEG, for USB - the same, plus DivX. However, only drives under FAT/FAT32. Released in July firmware update added support for DivX HD Plus (including codec H.264) and container MKV. Test selection files reproduced almost completely, and it consisted of fragments in TS and MP4.

Software can be updated directly from the Internet. Of online services available only YouTube. No built-in system memory - for BD Live function will have to take one of the flash drive USB-connectors. It is possible to disable the transcoder and detailed image quality settings, including squelch control.

Drive fast: loading Blu-ray takes 17 to 22 seconds. The picture is good, especially in HD, DVD with a little worse, but the overall impression is favorable. Deinterlacing and noise reduction - in order. In PURE DIRECT mode, the difference with the reference DAC is minimal and limited to only barely noticeable compression and slightly lowering the resolution on high. In the role of digital transport BD-S1067 is neutral and does not concede's reference. DVD-Audio discs and SACD player plays a little drier than the reference, slightly reduced the scale of the scene, but the difference is minimal.

Yamaha BD-S1067 Blu-ray player photo