NAD 804 Floor standing speakers

NAD 804 is a two-way phase-inverting speaker system. The designers managed to laconically ensure that the decent appearance of the speakers can successfully fit into more than just business-style interiors. The dimensions of the speaker are 720x200x260 mm. Half of the body volume, which is relatively modest, is taken by the resonator, on its rear panel the phase inverter exit is located. The woofer's diameter is 170 mm, the diameter of the dome high frequency driver 28 mm. Power input may be up to 100 watts. The system is designed to be connected by bi-wiring and bi-amping schemes, contacts are gold-plated. The main advantage of NAD is not immediately noticeable on the hearing and is not evident in the analysis of the frequency response. Its value very well grouped around an average over the entire range. This circumstance, with moderate current spread is already a certain guarantee of quality. With regard to the upper end of the range are spread not greater than +/- 2 dB, and the boundary close to 25 kHz. The spectacular playback of the sound effect of a crystal drinking glass shattering on a tile floor, if the recording is of a high enough quality, makes an indelible impression on the most emotional audience. The range of 1 to 3 kHz sounds good enough. This is where uniformity is never superfluous, because this area the human ear is the most sensitive. Of course, for a floor system it would be desirable that the lower frequencies were as smooth as the surface of the water in calm weather (there is a noticeable bump around 130 Hz), but it would be an unjustified snobbery for speakers of this size. When playing most music programs, we enjoyed a clean, correct sound, and a good amplifier easily helped to correct the sense of lack of bass, which was noticeable in the linear regime. The sensitivity of the speakers is average - 87-88 dB. The zone of the stereo effects is broad and stable. The frequency response of the input resistor module looks nicely shallow (maximum of less than 15 ohms, minimum of about 4 ohms). So your amplifier will be happy to cooperate with a pair of NAD 804, the nominal resistance of which is 6 ohms. The phase invertor tuning frequency is 40 Hz; the frequency section of speakers is 1.5 kHz.

NAD 804 Floor standing speakers photo