NAD 512 CD-player

The branded belonging of the 512 is recognized due to the compact panel design with a minimal set of controls. All the missing elements are compensated with the remote control.

However, again in accordance with the concept of the NAD Company there are no functions related to the editing of the recording. The display is also fine: the necessary information is displayed on a full scale, even though the music calendar is small in comparison with the other models. By the way, the display design features the limited viewing angle - the angle where the displayed information is read well. So if you are close to it, you should look at it almost at right angle. The design of the player is well set, even the connectors of the line output are gold-plated.

As for electronics, the brand changes the Dutch approach to the Japanese MASH in this model, remaining faithful to the one-bit converter. As for the rest the player repeats the other models of the brand including the five-band analog filter at the output with a very small (only 120 ohm) output resistance. This ensures you no problems when the player is connected to any amplifier.

And how does this player play? As for the technical parameters it is just fine. The noise is almost inaudible under the low level signal. The reproduction of music can be described as neutral.

And the sufficient strength, vigor and expressiveness will not fatigue you during the prolonged listening to a CD on this device.

NAD 512 CD-player photo