CD-player Audionet Art G3

In the third and last for the moment generation audiophile player Audionet ART used reference CD-transport Philips VAU1254 (CD-Pro 2) top-loading and the pressure regulator disk rotation. Considerable weight of the device (22 kg) - a consequence of careful separation of the drive from the rest of the structure. At the base of the housing is installed granite slab and the upper panel is made of MDF with a special coating and Nextel covered 10 mm aluminum sheet. Reader and converter are completely separated on diet, which eliminates crosstalk on low-voltage circuit sections. In addition to this upgrade is available as an optional external power supply EPS. Digital section includes a receiver, DIR-1703 apsempler SRC4192 and Converters AD1955A in differential mode. The analog output stage is fully discrete, without feedthrough capacitors in the signal path. There are both linear RCA, and balanced output connectors. Among the interesting features of the ART G3 can be called with two digital inputs, among them - full USB 2.0. The model is equipped full-featured remote control Harmony One with pre-codes control all devices Audionet.

Before us is a case where the source is fully materializes record, making listening to music in an incredibly nice action. Sounding player Audionet Art G3 remarkably clean and transparent, without any veil in any part of the operating range. Despite the digital nature of phonograms, the sound seems completely analog, not strain your brain technocratic callous bloom. Uppercase drawn, with surgical precision and finesse and stripped sounds and artifacts. Bass collected, very powerful and accurate for the pressure on the structure. Dynamic capabilities are truly unique player. Special class player appears in the most careful study of small signal levels, on the verge of earshot. Model inherent tonal neutrality, but by putting in the proper environment Audionet can give the final dish desired flavors. The stage literally formed around the listener when you need turning into a truly grand scale. Real presence.

Audionet Art G3 CD-player photo