Philips FB 652 Bookshelf speakers

The Philips FB 652 is a 2-way speaker system with a reflex port on the front panel. Very elegantly designed shelf design with the dimensions 215x380x250 mm. The speakers are equipped with a special protection system, which turns off the high-frequency speaker in case of overloading. On the front panel there is a corresponding yellow-red indication: a yellow light turns on if the tweeter is working at its limit, and a red one if the protection circuit is triggered. The diameter of the woofer is 18 cm, the diameter of the dome of the high-frequency head is 3 cm. The rated power of the amplifier is 60 watts, the maximum (for not more than 10 minutes) - 120 watts. The contact terminals are gold-plated. Analysis of frequency response graphs allows to note such positive moments as guaranteed ±3dB nonuniformity, good flat bottom, slight lift in the upper part. Some glaring (or rather "in the ears") sounding flaws are not expected when listening to any music programs in small rooms. "European type" of sound will be noted by subtle connoisseurs - there is a slight drop in sensitivity in the area of 2.5-4.5 kHz. The stereo effect zone may be somewhat limited due to the pronounced directivity. Note that the measured characteristic of the input impedance module allows us to refer the speakers rather to eight ohms, although in the description of the system the resistance value of 6 ohms is given. The tuning frequency of the bass-reflex port is about 40 Hz, which is much lower than the resonance of the cabinet.

Philips FB 652 Bookshelf speakers photo