Philips FB 698 Floor standing speakers

Philips FB 698 at the moment of unpacking seem to be too lightweight (12 kg) for their sizes (880x250x230 mm, internal volume is 37 liters). In technical manual they are called three-way, frequency range is 38 Hz - 20 kHz. Two similar by size and design MF/LF drivers with the diameter of 170 mm, working in unusual acoustic design with two bass-reflexes with output ports on the front and rear panels, are used in the loudspeaker. A dome tweeter with the diameter of 25 mm works out high frequencies. This set of drivers is designed for decent input power of 120W and two-time overload at peaks. The tweeter is protected from overloads by the special system, the indicator of which is above the decorative frame. Yellow LED indicates peak working mode of the tweeter, red one - its deactivation. When overload is off, the tweeter activates automatically. Note that the amp with output power of 50 W didn't light the indicators. This experiment turned out to be very loud if you consider that the sensitivity of FB 696 is 89 dB. The listening to musical programs showed a deep, but not dense bass, slight roughness of the upper part of the middle and clear, transparent tops. The problem with density of basses is connected, apparently, with insufficient rigidity of the body, in which not only MDF panels, but also plastic were used. Despite of this, the sound of Philips FB 698 can be appreciate at many musical fragments as pleasantly surprising for this price category.

Philips FB 698 Floor standing speakers photo