Philips FA761 Amplifier

As a typical representative of PHILIPS' 700 series, the FA761 is designed to recreate the high quality of digital sound sources when playing music recordings. To achieve this, technical solutions such as an electronic source selector - there can be a total of six sources, active tone control circuitry and the use of discrete elements in the output stages of the power amplifier were used. For better use of the possibilities of the unit, such as low noise and non-linear distortion, there is a DIRECT mode, however, only the tone control circuits are switched off and the balance and tone compensation circuits do not switch over. As a peculiarity we can note the possibility of simultaneous recording of any signal source to two tape recorders at the same time, and they can be both usual analog and digital (DAT or DCC). It may be noted the absence of a record selector in the unit of this class, which would have extended the capabilities of the amplifier and brought additional convenience, and the line output of the preamplifier. Externally, the unit is completely symmetrical with a large volume knob in the center of the front panel. The mode indication is quite clear. The indication LEDs are built into the corresponding control buttons, and when you press any of them, the corresponding indicator lights up. And when switching on the amplifier, in addition to the mains indicator, the LED, built into the volume control, blinks and after a few seconds goes into a continuous glow mode. The same LED is used for fault monitoring. When a short circuit occurs in the load, it is disconnected by a special protection circuit, and this LED flashes, but with a different frequency. The modern design, small enough dimensions and good capabilities of the unit as an amplifier allow to use it as a central switching link in a home audio system, and the presence of the system bus and remote control significantly expands these possibilities in terms of controlling other components of the 700 series with one remote control.

Philips FA761 Amplifier photo