Sony CDP-XE700 CD-player

The main highlight of this CD player from the new Sony series is a transport with a fixed head, over the optics of which a massive disk drive moves during playback. In this case, the laser remains stationary, and only the focusing optics moves. This design eliminates the effect of vibration on the laser and was first used in turntables from the ES series (Esprit). If there is no disc, the message "by diSC" appears on the display. Remote control is possible from the system remote control supplied with the Sony amplifier or receiver. This is obviously why the front panel of the CDP-XE700 has room for countless buttons for all functions.

Among the possible modes of operation is changing the order of tracks in the program sequence and checking this sequence. Before recording, you can turn on the peak search, and the player itself will find a fragment with the maximum level on the disc. Another useful feature is the automatic creation of a three-second pause during recording, which is necessary for the automatic search for fragments on a magnetic tape to work. Almost instantly with the rotary knob, which replaces the direct access buttons in the player, you can set the number of the desired track. But in the case of such a handle, there is no limit on the number of tracks, and if there are at least a hundred of them on the disk, compiling a program of any duration will not cause difficulties. But the maximum it can contain is 24 tracks. It is also possible to carry out direct start by number, but please note that in the CDP-XE700 this is not done with one button. The sound is very smooth and clear: obviously, new technologies are affecting.

Sony CDP-XE700 CD-player photo