Amplifier Yamaha CX-2/MX-2

Extremely solid -looking couple: that before that aides - two "heavyweights". First impression - one more "minimalist" design since Preda is only available input selector and volume control. However, if you tilt the lid, then immediately get out "ears" tricked traditionally (in the sense of service) Yamaha amp: here you and switchable voices, adjustable loudness, record selector, subsonic filter frequency. In general, a complete "gentleman's set", including the control. Since the CX-2 is a pre- AV-amplifier, then along with the audio inputs has also three video inputs and outputs, all of which are duplicated type connectors S-VHS. The audit showed that in Direct mode has a specific meaning, as in this case, the sound quality was barely noticeable though, but better.

Amplifier made soundly and thoroughly, high-quality audio jacks, by itself, gilded, and input jacks Phono, moreover, in the inoperative position still closed and special caps (!). The special features of the circuitry of the amplifier to be CX-2 include the use of buffers therein separate amplifiers for each entry with a "zero" to eliminate the influence of increasing the output impedance of the signal source for operation of the amplifier circuit, and a two-stage adjustment of the volume by means of two potentiometers coupled to each channel. A potentiometer modifies the signal at the output of the selector inputs, and adjusts the second output signal of the amplifier tone. This circuit solution can significantly improve the signal/noise preamplifier. Two pairs of double potentiometers constructively combined into one quad unit with motorized drive.

Power Amplifier MX-2 is still in the process of taking out from the box it was immediately referred us to the category of "heavy Hi-Fi" for solidity design and brand very heavy weight. Its characteristics is the presence of regulators and input sensitivity control system bus. The amplifier circuit is built on a fully symmetric scheme for left and right channels of amplification. Structurally, it is made by all the canonsa: amidships takes a huge toroidal power transformer and electrolytic capacitors and amplifiers board left and right channels are mounted on a powerful heatsink and placed appropriately along the left and right walls of the housing. Classic! Unusual features of this pair of Yamaha should include the opportunity to connect pre and helpers special cable for system control bus. Why? In order to remote control mode can be switched to stand by aides. Given his "extravagance" - not an extra measure!

Yamaha sound is simply enchanting. High and low - okay, as they say - "the full range" sound powerful and extremely clean. Amplifier from the first bars of music listening room built in surround-sound surprising picture with lots of musical detail. The Sound of Music performed by Yamaha just grab: string just enchantingly, powerful bass, clear and surprisingly "elastic". Treble only calls and transparent, they just streamed in the air. And what he speaker! When playing a CD of "The Rite of Spring", features a huge dynamic contrasts, Yamaha issue such thunderous sounds that alarmed all the editors. But surprisingly, the gentle sound of the flute in the following code have been reproduced it without the slightest strain. Wonderful result! Amplifier is so good and so wonderful plays that really do not want to look in his sounding any disadvantages. But - above all objectivity. The only thing that can put him in the guilt, so that's what the sound of this amp, perfect for low volume, increasing volume is somewhat simplified. But it is - everything!

Yamaha CX-2/MX-2 Amplifier photo