Philips FR-752 AV-receiver

Fast advent of home cinema era set new trends. Manufactures are moving from release of ordinary amplifiers to AV receivers with the built-in processor of surround. The presented for this test model Philips FR-752 can be used lie the element of home cinema or in the kit of modular Hi-FI complex. The device really provides 50W each on the main channels and the central channel at the load of 6 Ohm and 25W each on the back speaker systems at the load of 8 Ohm.

The design is functional and quite simple. In the center of the front panel there is a nice display with red and green indication, which shows the operation modes and the frequencies of the received radio stations on the tuner. A distinctive feature of the device is the use of a single, multifunctional volume control, balance and tone - the big and smooth to the touch handle. The level of each regulation can be seen on the seven-segment linear display's scale.

The tuner operates in two ranges: the Western FM (87-108 MHz) and mid-frequency (530-1710 KHz) and remembers 30 stations. Due to the high selectivity the device receives strong and weak stations equally well. The search of stations is convenient.

The company offers this model in the function of the heart of 700 series Hi-Fi system, which also includes the cassette deck and CD-player. Thus the remote control is equipped with the control functions for these components. You can adjust the volume of central and back channels, signal delay, run the test signal and some other service functions only by the remote control.

The model FR-752 demonstrated very qualitative sound - live and clear, with pleasant tonal coloration. To our mind, the balanced natural timbre is achieved even at a little addition of high and low frequencies - only one point from the neutral position. High frequencies are clear and transparent, mids are neutral with pleasant coloring and good details, basses are powerful and elastic without any signs of mumbling. If the tonal coloration is the strong side of the device, it must be confessed that reverberation effects are relatively weak side. The user can choose only between Dolby Po Logic mode (in case of connection of only front system - Dolby 3-Stereo) and Hall mode. There is the ability to vary the signal delay up to 30 milliseconds and thus affect the sizes of hypothetical "hall", but this didn't make the impression. We preferred to listen to music in simple stereo mode. Apparently, the designers limited their choice of microcircuits in order not to overprice the device - and this is wise.

EI-shaped power transformer with good shielding was used in the construction, so the noise level is negligible. All power amplifiers are assembled on the discrete elements; output transistors are mounted on the powerful radiators. We always knew that the company is strong with the developers, which calmly respond to kicks in the forms of some toroidal transformers. Exactly this model deserves such definitions like "rational" and "hi-fi".

Philips FR-752 AV-receiver photo