Canton Plus D Bookshelf speakers

The Canton Plus D is a 2-way bass reflex speaker system with a bass reflex output on the front panel. The cone diameter of the woofer is 160 mm, the dome of the tweeter has a diameter of 25 mm, dimensions are 180x275x180 mm. The design and appearance of the speakers allow for a variety of options for matching with the interior. Removable decorative grilles made of metal are very practical and give the system solidity and weight. Electric power - 50 W, peak musical power - 80 W with a sensitivity of 90 dB. This is enough to fill a 30 sq.m. room with sound "to the brim". The measured frequency response creates an image of a significant system that not only meets all the requirements for devices from the class under discussion, but also reasonably claims to be exquisite. Such a conclusion forces us to make, first of all, the upper part of the range (from 2 kHz). A slight (about 2.5 dB per octave) but steady increase in sensitivity up to 18 kHz formally increases the average response flatness to +/-2.8 dB in the range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. But it is this trend and the resulting ultrasonic upper limit of the range that promise an expressive originality in the interpretation of musical programs. In the sounds of the flute and trombone one can discover nuances obscured by the absorption of the concert hall. In vocal works, the individuality of the performer will be more clearly manifested. The musical space, as it were, will be replenished with another dimension. The Canton Plus D woofer perfectly fulfills the middle part of the range and constructively cooperates with the upper one. The bottom border is well designed. One should not, obviously, be too critical of the bass. The high spatial homogeneity of the field created by the tweeter guarantees a reliable stereo effect. The characteristic of the input impedance module gives a nominal impedance value of about 4 ohms. The tuning frequency of the phase inverter lies in the range from 50 to 60 Hz. Its not very effective work, perhaps, explains the 18 dB decrease in sensitivity in the region from 70 to 140 Hz. According to the description, the filter section frequency is 2.5 kHz.

Canton Plus D Bookshelf speakers photo