Pioneer VSX-1016V AV-receiver

Perhaps, it is the Japanese Pioneer that should be considered a trendsetter in the development of AV receivers. No other company so quickly introduces the most advanced functions into its equipment. And here is another proof of this - VSX-1016V.

This is the only receiver among competitors that complies with the THX Select 2 certificate. And what is more, it is the only one that implements HDMI digital-signal switching. Developers of Pioneer VSX-1016V introduced into the receiver a hardware support for decoding the signal of popular compressed formats mp3, AAC and WMA (including multi-channel WMA 9 Pro), and at the same time equipped the receiver with USB input for easy connection of Flash-players, and with Sound Retriever function - the system tracks distortions typical for compression and smoothes them. The branded MCACC auto-calibration, being capable to perform individual frequency correction in each channel with the possibility of fine manual adjustment, should be also attributed to the advanced systems.

The base of VSX-1016V receiver is a very massive chassis with a 500-watt power system and a seven-channel end section. Terminals for connecting an additional pair of acoustics are not provided, but A/B load selector is present. The outputs to the additional rear loudspeakers are used as the second pair of loudspeakers, for example, for sounding another zone (of course, if they are not involved in the main multichannel system). They can also be switched to the bi-amping mode in the device menu. Pioneer VSX-1016V can be configured and tuned in very wide limits.

There are no complaints to playback of theatrical programs! The receiver recreates a very realistic picture. It does not tighten like a ring, but leaves a feeling of freedom and open space. And you get such a result immediately, after a simple auto-calibration procedure. But speaking about music mode, I have some comments to VSX-1016. The bass is a bit harsh, the upper range seems to be powdered with sugar, and the background of the sound stage lacks certainty. The sound, I admit, is pleasant, but still not too natural. Switching from digital to multichannel analog input does not solve the problem. However, if we take into account the most important part of the musical range (middle), then VSX-1016 is beyond competition. Everything is clear and accurate - the sound is sensible and open.

Pioneer VSX-1016V AV-receiver photo