Pioneer VSX-AX3-S AV-receiver

The receiver Pioneer VSX-AX3-S fully corresponds to the specification of THX Select - there are seven channels of amplification by 100W. If the user thinks that five speaker systems and subwoofer are enough for the playing of multichannel soundtracks, he can activate the amplifiers of rear back channels for the connection of high qualitative front stereo pair by Bi-Amp scheme. The same amplifiers can be used for sounding of a second room. The installation is made automatically (measuring microphone is included) or manually - by simplified (Normal) or detailed (Expert) algorithm. Lots of non-standard parameters are regulated: a five-band equalizer, for example permitting to weaken the bottoms at the installation of speaker systems in a corner of a room, is provided. We will note the separate select of audio/video sources, their renaming, the introduction of sound delay relative to image (for the compensation of possible misalignments) and also a digital noise blanker for old analog recordings. The remote control is initially able to control the receiver, DVD player and TV, but by entering the codes into the zone of its command it can be increased up to eight devices. The keys vary in shape, so are easily recognized in the darkness that a bit compensates the lack of backlight. As you can see, it is easy to built the cinema of THX class with this device. We recommend the lovers of uncompromising stereo to pay their attention to Pioneer VSX-AX3-S.

Nonlinear distortions of analog part of the Pioneer VSX-AX3-S amplifier are extremely small in the entire range of powers/frequencies. Output power is quite effective (140W), damping is 134, so the receiver will get along with any acoustics. There are excellent decoders of multichannel cinema sound (DD EX/DTS ES): penetration from the channel into channel is minimal, the picture is exceptionally symmetric, the space is qualitative. At the listening of complex music you can note some kind of transparency loss due to the peculiarities of filtering at DAC output. Therefore we recommend you to use analog stereo output for CD player.

Pioneer VSX-AX3-S AV-receiver photo