Pioneer VSX-D1011-K AV-receiver

The main feature of the receiver is a wide folding panel that hides the least required controls and the analog AV input. The left rotary knob is used in normal mode to switch signal sources, and in Setup mode - to configure. The device is THX-certified, i.e. has 7 amplification channels (by the standards of THX, there should be four rear speakers). Great attention has been paid to system tuning: the Expert mode is provided, in which the volume and delay for each channel change in steps of 0.5 dB and 10 cm, respectively. Acoustic calibration is possible: the volume of each channel is compared with the volume of the reference (the left front is taken for it, and the test signal sounds in it alternately with the speakers you are setting) and many other adjustments up to the LFE peak level (according to a special test signal). If your system only has a pair of rear speakers, the two channels of amplification can be used to bi-amp your high-end front speakers. There are no on-screen menus, the initial setup is via a front-panel display and a programmable, seven-component remote control with a classic layout. It is well balanced, the buttons are clearly divided into working areas. The volume control is a horizontal rocker, and you get used to it right away. In general, the Pioneer VSX-D1011-K makes the most favorable impression: the design is well thought out, the compromises that the developers made to reduce the price did not affect the main thing - the sound quality.

Pioneer VSX-D1011-K AV-receiver photo