Marantz CD players are very popular. The tested model represents the standard series of Marantz devices, which is characterized by a very nice design and does not overwhelm the user with a powerful body. The good quality of the player is due to the fact that the device's chassis is manufactured by Philips. The CD-63 SE model is one of the best in the standard series of these devices. It offers the user almost everything that his ears desire. The model has excellent technical parameters, all the data given by the manufacturer fully correspond to the measurement results. Minor drawbacks include uneven frequency response (1 dB rolloff at 6 kHz) when phase correction is turned on, which also occurs in other models of Marantz (and Philips) CD players, as well as the appearance of a slight beep when testing linearity. The sound has a lot of space. Low frequencies do not sound very voluminous, but dynamic. In the sound of the cymbals, the ringing is not only audible, but also passes into the middle frequencies, the sound of which was recognized as colorful.

MARANTZ CD-63SE CD-player photo