CD-player Marantz CD6000 OSE

This device bearing on itself a brand of "Original Special Edition" among competitors makes impression of one of the most serious. Decent weight in 5,6 kg (for the budgetary technique it much) says that developers didn't save "iron" for achievement of high sound characteristics, so, for certain in CD6000 OSE the advanced multiple loop power supply is used. At the same time we will note that in the budgetary products a power most often defines quality of sounding of all player. If to take two devices with identical sound paths and system of synchronization - and even if very ordinary - the player where a pure separate power of all stages and servo systems will be provided, on quality of sounding usually exceeds another much.

It seems that CD6000 OSE from such. In it the transport which well recommended on the previous Marantz models, and also the normal one-bit Bitstream conversion with the output cascades HDAM is used. The device reads the CD text, the RCA, optical and coaxial outputs, and also an input and an output of the control bus system has couple of the linear outputs. On the front panel there is also an output on earphones, and the main governing bodies of reproduction are added by buttons of service functions (search of peak level, reading the CD text, etc.) which settled down under the large display. In a set the remote control unit - compact, but the functional and convenient is applied.

Marantz CD6000 OSE, despite belonging to the budgetary group of Hi-Fi-components, it is possible to carry to number of exact, accurate players. Moderate dynamics in all range is combined with very good permission, tone linearity is supported with at least good musical balance, and in a sound scene it is possible to find a minimum of inaccuracies. If to consider reproduction as if in parts, analyzing separately a bass, separately - the midfrequency range, separately - upper, it is simple to carp at something. But the overall sound picture almost in all cases turns out remarkably organized and integral.

However, in sequence. We listen to Blur. The drive moderate - children as if got a bit tired to jingle on the guitars. The bass slightly doesn't have shock, core faded, the top doesn't please with any special purity. But sound color and negligence inherent in Blur music is saved.

We try Van Der Graaf. Again some problem with a bass - it acquired rubber notes, and the purity deficit on top is noticeable. But there are details, the mass of nuances, impresses effect of surprise and the unique voice of the vocalist of this group Peter Hemmil is truly told, - generally, everything that is important for this record, the player could transfer with honor.

Listening to Emma Shapplin, generally you forget that the disk is reproduced by a thingummy of all for three hundred dollars. Audiophile sound, penetrating, live and direct - likely, thanks to the accuracy which CD6000 OSE observes by transmission even the most insignificant sound details.

Well, and with classics everything appeared almost in a full order. Nearly scene depth is enough, completely scale sometimes doesn't reveal, but the organization of a sound pattern, its naturalness and legibility give the chance to listen to a violin or band music (always differing in the most difficult combination of harmonicas) to the same experiences, what can be received in case of live performance. And this quality single-digit specifies us that CD6000 OSE - the device uncommon.

Marantz CD6000 OSE CD-player photo