Cassette deck Onkyo TA RW211

If you try to define a model of the average of the tape submitted, the TA RW211 would have been more just like her. Standard feature set includes auto reverse and automatic selection of the type of tape, Dolby B/C and logic control, electronic tape counter (unfortunately only in units that also prevails in the presented models), up at high speed and repeated sequential playback side A and in both broach up to four times, and finally, auto standby mode ("stand by"). Additionally, you get all the features for copying, synchronous recording from CD by pressing one button or remote control of basic functions (in this case only seven functions) one of broaches SBus RI units in the complex firm Onkyo, adjust the recording level and the peak level indication his memorization. Although the indicator has only eight segments displayed by selected levels is very convenient. The same can be said about the counter: although he alone, but teamwork and broaches the bill goes "in the dark", a reference to the desired display deck is activated by pressing a button. Surprisingly not equivalent were more opportunities provided for recording and playback. You can create automatically when recording pauses duration of 5 seconds, but there is no automatic search for pieces of music playback, pause for which these are created. Detonation had large differences in the different modes of operation, and frequency response, despite the lack of Dolby HX Pro, one of the smoothest in the test.

Onkyo TA RW211 Cassette deck photo