Marantz CC-38 CD-changer

The sound of the Marantz CC-38 is so pleasant that it feels like it was specially shaped to create such a feeling. Perhaps the characteristic "Marantz" coloring is created by a slight rise in the frequency response in the midrange. But the possibility of choice, among other factors, is connected, in particular, with the choice of color, and there is reason to believe that someone may like this color. Details are present in sufficient (from an artistic point of view?) quantity without creating the danger of information overload of the listener. The sound of the Marantz CC-38 is presentable, expressive, you can label Marantz as "pop", but you don't want to turn it off. In the light of the foregoing, the functional easiness of the remote control seems logical - "turn it on and listen, there is nothing to press the buttons!" ...

When playing a track with a zero signal, it seems that the output of the player is turned off. Moreover, it does not respond to the presence of the last significant bit. Only in the presence of a real signal with a level of approximately -80 dB does sound and the expected noise appear at the output. The appearance and disappearance of the signal is accompanied by a click.

For the impatient, there are two buttons right on the loading tray: QUICK PLAY and LOAD. If you place a disc in the PREFERRED POSITION slot (see photo) and press the QUICK PLAY button, the disc will be loaded immediately without scanning the rest of the slots and will start playing. The interactive functions of the display are also addressed to these users - the Marantz CC-38 reacts to any wrong action with a creeping line with a hint. Unfortunately, pressing the "correct" button, as well as any other, does not cause any reaction from the player until the message crawls across the display completely. So the most impatient should feel the educational potential of the device and read the instructions in good faith. For those who prefer not to listen to CDs, but to record from them, the Marantz CC-38 provides a complete service: peak search, fader, programming and automatic program editing to a given length (two modes - normal and optimal use of a given time).

Marantz CC-38 CD-changer photo