Teac CD-P1800 CD-player

Externally, the older brother of the TEAC family is not immediately recognizable. Perhaps only the presence of the extended indicator of operation modes and the keys of music scanning (Intro Play) on the front panel give it away. Inside is another matter. The Teac CD-P1800 has a single bit DAC with a 16-bit digital filter and 8x oversampling. To reduce noise and interference inside the unit, the most critical connections are made with shielded cables using ferrite ring filters. Besides, the model is equipped with a digital optical output. The main consumer functions of the player are similar to the Teac CD-P1100. What cannot be said about the sound (and this despite the fact that the passport data of both players are the same). When listening to the test disc there was practically no interference when playing the fragment with the 0000 record, and only a slight background with the frequency of the mains let us know that the playback channel was on. Playing back the signals with a lowered recording level was easy for the device - except for a little noise and a slight background (c'la vie), the musical fragments sounded quite natural. Apparently, due to the fact that both TEAC models use the same unified drive, the older brother did not pass the scratched disc test either - the same failures at the same points. Listening to Missouri Sky's guitar compositions and David Sanchez's saxophone exercises, on the other hand, was a true pleasure - the slightest nuances and nuances of performance and recording were noticeable. All in all, a well-deserved "five stars" for sound quality.

Teac CD-P1800 CD-player photo