CD-player Teac CD-P1100

TEAC CD-P1100 glance attracts attention with backlit LCD display. The layout of the device - with the central location of the disc drive. Consequently, the developer had to scatter the most important controls - fast search key and scroll fragments on the left, which, in our opinion, is not very convenient. However, you get used to it quickly. In general, the design of the phone is quite harmonious and attractive. Both models are not available for search TEAS fragment peak level and the ability to adjust the output level from the remote control. Direct access to the desired fragment is possible only with the remote control. Like most modern models of CD- player, the device is a function of the programming TEAS playback fragments at random, random play, and repeat - a single fragment, the entire disk or a given length between two points. The display unit displays symbolically programmed musical fragments - to 1b - ti (music calendar). Listening test disc showed some increased level RF interference when playing a title with a record of 0000. When playing with lower recording levels (-60 and -70 dB) auditioned easy "crushing" sound, which is, apparently using a conventional 16 - bit DAC. Our test unit did not scratch the disc passed - both critical points failures occurred.

Teac CD-P1100 CD-player photo