Luxman D-355 CD-player

The devices of 300 series, like all equipment of Luxman, are released in two available color designs: black and gold. We had the device in black in our test.Like other players of 300 series, an improved single-bit technology of DAC is used in D-355. Overcoming the disadvantages of earlier solutions of 1-bit DACs, the firm has achieved high linearity and perfect music playback. It is a new development, which together with a variety of other intelligent features gives an exceptional value of performance to D-355 relatively to price. At least the meaning of signal/noise ratio and the dynamic range are quite good: 100 and 96 db. The remote control is absent, but the control is possible from a multi-functional remote of an amplifier by System Bus. Although applied in D-355 transport looks very similar to applied ones in other players, the company installs it on the main chassis what helps to eliminate interference from external vibration. The set of additional functions is quite wide. Among them are: auto scanning or fragmented listening for 10 seconds in two modes (record on the disc and from the number of included in program), random play, programming the sequence by 24 tracks, distance control over volume level and many other things. And certainly there is editing for record and simultaneous turning on of tape recorder. The player showed a very good and corresponding to price and the popularity of its brand quality of sound.

Luxman D-355 CD-player photo