Luxman D-225 CD-player

Devices, branded designation of which begins with digit 2, differ from traditional ones not only by the central design of faceplate but also such small things as the shape of buttons. But all branded filling, ideologically defining the brand awareness, is the same including low-noise power Star Circuit and system bus. What Luxman changed is the capacity of DAC: using always multi-bit, now the company like in the models of 300 series allowed itself one bit, the linearity of which, according to the company, exceeds the traditional 16-bit. From the relatively new features in this player there are power off after playback of the entire disc (All Sleep) and the function of resume playback from the stop point to turning off. The last-mentioned possibility exists in almost all modern CD players and is required for Video CD. Record editing allows a wide choice of possible hours of tapes, on which a recording is supposed to be written. Two relatively disadvantages are visible even before the listening. In D-225 headphones output is upset and direct access is possible only from the remote control. However, if you are going to buy the whole system by Luxman, the aforementioned disadvantages can be ignored because they don't affect the sound quality.

Luxman D-225 CD-player photo