AMC CD8 CD-player

Ascetic design that defines the severity of appearance of CD8 immediately tunes you to a serious approach of the manufacturer to this model. Everything points at the fact that the main attention was paid to the quality of sound and maximum easiness and plainness of control. But herewith some functions, useful for the lovers of tape recording, and headphones' output are absent. Inside the player we can see 1-bit MASH Converter, a digital filter with four times oversampling and linear phase with 18-bit coefficients, and in addition a five-pole analog filter. Herewith it is necessary to note an additional positive feature - low output impedance, only 56 Ohms. The availability of digital output, corresponding to S/PDIF standard, will allow you to use CD8 as an inexpensive CD-transport together with a separate unit of external converter. The lack of direct start buttons by track number on the front panel does not confuse because you can do this from the full-featured remote control. We can also note the possibility of turning on repeat of the selected section of the track (repeat mode A-B) from the remote control. AMC really managed to create the model which meats the professional criteria, but for a reasonable price. This was fully confirmed while the test listening. Estimates for sound were equal; nobody could select the music of one genre.

AMC CD8 CD-player photo