Yamaha EQ-550 Equalizer

A price of equalizer is quite high and can seem to be excessive against other electronic monsters, but you should take into account included measuring electret microphone and built-in pink-noise generator. So, it has quite enough possibilities for its general function. Divided channel-by-channel regulation in ten lines and analyzer, which can show the level of left, right or the amount of channels, complete the generator and the microphone. For convenience of use there are smooth regulation of indicator sensitivity and combined regulator of output level. Last-mentioned is in only this equalizer and makes the coordination with other blocks of home system much easier. One more pleasant thing, which improves the clarity of view, is highlight of lined regulation handles. That's why you can see standing frequency characteristic even from your armchair. The possibility of switching on infralow frequency filter can be deemed to be the only pre-installing in this device. The exploitation of this device for leveling of room acoustics is quite wasteful, but, owing to separate switching on channels, it is simple and vivid. In our case a well-known position repeated: installed curves of frequency characteristics for right and left channels differ in low frequency area (approximately up to 1 kHz) very appreciably. This confirmed that equalizer with separate channel-by-channel regulation is essential for this purpose. The most of equalizers are simply unsuitable for this, and that's why they lose EQ-550.

Yamaha EQ-550 Equalizer photo