Harman/Kardon TU930 Tuner

This device is originally and tastefully made. While looking at it, you have thoughts: the costume from Carten, watch from Cartier, the tuner from Harman/Kardon... A beautiful vacuum fluorescent display indicates the frequency and number of the programmed channel. Swinging vertical selections keys of the programmed frequencies to the right of the display look unusually. A horizontal setting key is smaller and not so handy, although the control over tuner is simple, practice and can be estimated as a good. But generally the equipment is low because there are no many common features: auto programming, S-meter, input attenuator and RDS. Speaking about the parameters, we couldn't find something outstanding behind the elegant appearance. At VHF the tuner has the sensitivity a bit higher average; the selectivity is not very high. The value of selectivity in adjacent and side channels is identical that indicates the lack of special measures for its improvement. Parameters of AM tract are average. The selectivity in side channels of reception, which are heard on the frequencies up to 10 MHz, is obviously low, i.e. interference can penetrate from short-wave range. However, the check of radio reception left a pleasant impression - powerful stations are caught not bad because their signal level exceeds interference. The quality of sound of the tuner "TU930" turned out to be very high that does not contradict the said above about the parameters: very often the receivers with low technical data work better than more complex, in which there are many circuit technic "frills", spoiling a subjective perception of sound. A good sound brought this device into the category of "B students".

Harman/Kardon TU930 Tuner photo