Harman/Kardon HD980 CD-player

By external layout HD980 does not differ from the more expensive 990-th model at all. The disc tray is also located strictly in the center, a large matrix display adorns to the right of it, and in the left part of the front panel there are buttons that control playback. The device can be used as a transport with external converters, for which both coaxial and optical (Toslink) digital interfaces are provided.

Among the obvious advantages of this model we can note a confident dynamics, absolutely adequate to the reproduced record. We liked the manner of the presentation of the vocal parts by emotionality; the voices were distinguished by untypical for the digital source warmth. Small features were found in the lowest register. Powerful bass is transmitted as if with some laziness, slowing the development of musical events down. In the sound stage the basic information is centered between the columns, so the space seems to be reduced in scale, with the forward foreground.

In general, the sound of Harman/Kardon HD980 is powerful, with a solid, assertive bass, transparent mid-range frequencies and just exemplary by accuracy top.

Harman/Kardon HD980 CD-player photo